Exhibition design brief

Client Company Name



Billing Address






Client Company Name

Project Name

Perhaps the name of an exhibition or event? If not lets still give your project a title.


Project Start Date

Project End Date


Sometimes we need extra info like a stand number within an exhibition hall etc.

Job Number

Don't worry about this, we can add this for you

Stand Dimensions

How many metres wide x how many metres deep?

Stand SQM

Length x width = SQM

Stand Number

Stand Type

Industry jargon. We can advise if you don't know!

Proposal Deadline


If you have a budget to work to, please let us know. It helps speed up the process.

Number of Events

Tell us how many times you would like to use what we build. We love to recycle!

Asset Management

As standard, we supply goods between two dates on a hire basis. Let us know if you want to own any of the elements we design and build for you. 

Do you have the following?

Yes No
Hall plan/Site plan
Exhibitor Manual
Trade Show Guidelines
Branding Guidelines
Photos/Visual references

Business Development Manager

The person that helps develop your design brief, offer advice and generates a quote. We can suggest a team member for you.


This is the creative genius that will bring your requirements to life. We can suggest who will be the best fit for your project.

Project Manager

This is the person that will live and breathe your project until it is delivered on the day. We have Project Managers who specialise in different things so we can fill this in for you.


Is there a particular style that you like or an inspiration we need to know about?

Raised Floor

Floor Edging

Floor Finishes




Stand Height

Are you displaying products?

Description of Products

Screens or displays

Please describe the screens or displays you require. Wall mounted screens, LED walls, LED curtains, curved displays, the possibilities are endless!

Content Sources

These are things that can drive your content. If you have a plan, let us know, otherwise, we can provide all the technical advice you require to get this right.

Interactive elements

These are the touchy-feely gadgets that can drive interaction on a stand. 


Lighting concept

Be a bright spark, tell us about that light globe moment!

Objective of the project

What problem needs to be solved and how will this project meet this need?

What is the most important thing you want to communicate?

What do you want the audience to think?

What do you want the audience to feel?

What do you want the audience to do?


For simple small items, we try not to use up your budget on design. 'Simple' might be enough to get it going. For most projects, 'Good' will be fine. Many of our clients fall into the 'Better' end of the scale. Finally, for larger projects at the top end of the scale, we go all out and deliver the 'Best'!

Design Extras

Sometimes a picture needs to be complemented with interactivity or a virtual fly-through. But be aware, these things take time!

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