Food Truck MK2

Food Truck MK2

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This is our large double awning version. The awnings fold up to create undercover spaces for two seperate servery windows.

Exposure Group custom-made Food Trucks can be created in different sizes specific to your requirements. Every detail can be customised to suit your particular standards and requirements.

Interior. The interior can include any customisation requirements you can think of. Stainless Steel work surfaces, Catering Equipment, Branding, screens for digital menus, fridges and amenities can all be planned as required.

Exterior. We can design and offer any combination of finishes from automotive spray paints to vehicle wrap vinyl solutions from our one-stop-shop production facility.

Hydraulic system. Our innovative hydraulic system allows the caravan to be disconnected from the tow hitch then lowered directly onto the ground. This provides a better height to serve customers from.

Tow vehicle. You can provide your own tow vehicle if your fleet includes suitable vehicles, we can source and customise new vehicles. The tow vehicles can also be branded and wrapped as required to match the caravan and add extra storage space.

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