COVID-19 Mobile Testing Room - Van

COVID-19 Mobile Testing Room - Van

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Our mobile workspaces can be deployed rapidly and relocated just as quickly, where they are most needed. The units can be used in situ, parked and operational within 15 minutes of arrival any a given location. Set-up/site installation is reduced to a short process which can be implemented by staff working alone, doors open and can be used immediately.

This is our customised van version.

Exposure Group custom-made COVID-19 Mobile Testing Rooms can be created in different sizes specific to your requirements. Every detail can be customised to suit your medical standards and requirements.

Interior. The interior is designed as an open-plan space and we can include any customisation requirements you can think of. Branding, medical equipment, screens, furniture and amenities can all be planned as required.

Exterior. We can design and offer any combination of finishes from automotive spray paints to vehicle wrap vinyl solutions from our one-stop-shop production facility.